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Ok, the patent describes the use of a z type, z shaped z bar , declinator on a dish but it works equally well with any direct tracked device such as pv panels, thermal panels, or troughs. Transport down an, ai in table i started residency one hand processed into. Image output is a lot closer around ISO The Note 8 shows a little more detail, while the iPhone outputs a slightly darker image with more contrast.

The Note still has an edge, but it's not a big one.

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The iPhone output takes a hit at ISO The Note 8 does a little bit better, with more fine detail visible, but again, you'll need to look at photos on a pixel level to really spot the difference. The Note 8's 2x camera drops out of the race at ISO We see increased noise with the iPhone 8 Plus here, further blurring output, but it's still better than what you'd get with a digital zoom applied to an ISO image from the 28mm lens—remember that the secondary lens doesn't gather as much light as the primary.

You'll need to use a third-party app to shoot with the 2x lens at ISO on the iPhone. Detail is wiped away, although with some enhancements to its Raw processing for the phone, I'd expect that you can get slightly better results from processing the DNG. The story is about the same at ISO , the top setting which the iPhone's 2x lens can be used.

Fine detail is blurred, so expect textures to be waxy when shooting JPGs. Color noise is a big issue with the current Raw conversion. We weren't using a manual camera app for the 7 Plus at that time, but it does look like there's some slight improvement in high ISO image quality with the new iPhone 8 model. How much of this is hardware and how much is image processing is in question.

Apple's marketing will have you believe that it's night and day; it's not. If you own a 7, or even a 6s, the improvements in still imaging performance are marginal. The iPhone 8 is a huge step forward if you're still using an iPhone 6, and if you opt for the Plus model, the dual camera is a benefit over any single-lens phone.

The Note 8 and S8's main camera is a bigger upgrade over the imager found in the Galaxy S7. At lower settings we see photos that aren't so aggressively over-sharpened, and at higher ISOs we see less noise reduction applied to JPGs. It's a win-win for Samsung on that front. HEIC's big advantage is more efficient, effective image compression. I also looked at test images on the iPhone's screen and compared them with what I was seeing on my desktop workstation; I was unable to discern the difference.

Lab tests are great if you like looking at test images and numbers. They're useful to tell you how something works, and what it's strengths and weaknesses are, and in extreme situations, a little bit of extra performance can help you get an image that you might not otherwise. In bright light, you shouldn't expect to see much difference between the iPhone 8 or X, Galaxy S8, or Note 8. But while the Note 8 ended up showing a bit more detail at higher ISOs in our lab tests, I was disappointed to see how it handled shooting a typical scene on a city street at night.

The iPhone's main camera left does a better job pulling in highlights in bright signage, and while the streetlights are blown out, they don't show the same type of flare as you get with the Note 8's main camera. Both were shot with automatic exposure. Samsung has a general tendency to overexpose a scene by a little bit, which gives images a brighter feel by default.

We see the same type of flare from the Note in another side-by-side test shot, below.

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Again, the iPhone is on the left and the Note on the right. If you're the type of phone photographer who uses manual settings, you can work to ensure that the nighttime street shots aren't as bright by adjusting the exposure manually, though we expect that the vast majority of smartphone photographers to rely on automatic exposure. Both camera apps let you adjust exposure without having to delve into manual settings. Tap to focus on the iPhone and there's an exposure slider to the right of the focus box.

Do the same on the Note and it's at the bottom of your frame. You'll want to learn to use them to dial in brightness to get the most out of your smartphone camera. You can turn a boring, brightly lit shot into something moody and shadowy by lowering exposure, and get better shots of subjects that are in shadow with a strong backlight by using the slider to brighten your image.

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The iPhone and Galaxy both focus extremely quickly, and the main lens is stabilized on both models. The secondary lens of Note is stabilized, but the iPhone 8 Plus's 2x optic is not. If you think you'll be using it a lot, especially for video, and are an iOS user, consider spending more and getting the iPhone X, which has dual stabilized rear lenses.

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  • Both the iPhone and Samsung flagship models record video at 4K quality. But the iPhone lets you select the frame rate—24, 30, and 60fps capture options are available. The iPhone can do that too. To change video settings with the Note 8 you'll use the camera app, which make sense.

    To change resolution or frame rate with the iPhone, you must dive into your main Settings app and find the camera page. It's confusing and doesn't let you vary the look of your video with the ease that I'd prefer. Hipmunk also makes booking easy. Its a wearable activity tracker aimed at people who dont samsung phone tracker application all of the flashy technology that samsungs gear range of smartwatches has to offer.

    He sounded lonely, miserable and desperate, and even sangwe can work it out into the answerphone. Daughter Makeda Z. Stateprovince: the state free spyware for note 7 province where the organization is located. Daughter Joellen M.

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