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Go around the room and point your phone's camera in areas you suspect spy equipment is hidden. If you spot any small, bright-whitish light, set your phone down and investigate further. It may be a hidden camera. It's possible for some lower-end spy cameras and listening devices to show up in your list of Wi-Fi connections. Refresh your network list as you walk around the room and look for any odd-looking connections or devices. Your phone will most likely pick up several wireless devices and networks.

Best hidden video cameras for home

Look for specific brand names or the word cam, camera, etc. Glint Finder, which supports Android 2. Some spy cameras emit small levels of electromagnetic waves that Glint Finder helps pinpoint. The app also automatically adjusts the flash rate and cycle to help locate infrared light. Tap Allow a second time, granting the app permission to access your device's location. Move your device around suspected areas.

If a potential camera or listening device is close to your phone, it will be displayed on your screen. Good places to check for hidden cameras and listening devices are smoke detectors, mirrors, TVs, computer screens, pictures, lamps, ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, etc.

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Share Pin Email. Jay Bennett is a freelance tech writer and digital marketing consultant with 8 years' experience. Not to mention, a very useful indoor spy camera. Hang it on the wall or leave it on a table top or counter. This also comes with a frame in case you want to hang it on the wall and comes with a night vision feature. This camera is a mini camera that is measured at around one inch.

The ieGeek A9 Mini Hidden Camera is small, magnetic, and can shoot videos in very high quality even in pitch black darkness with night vision. Not bad for a camera that is measured at just one inch. This easy to hide camera comes with 6pcs hidden infrared LEDs, making it the perfect Nanny Cam or security camera for your home. If you have a baby, you can easily hide this in their nursery and use it as a way to monitor them no matter where you are.

This even takes photos and videos discreetly without attracting any attention. The chip is probably one of the most stable on the market today. The battery is a cobalt-lithium battery that can last up to 3 hours. In order to make life more secure for you, this will support all kinds of recording. If you want a hidden pen camera that would make James Bond nod in approval, this might be the camera you need.

This is an easy to use pen camera with one button on the top to prevent operation mistakes.

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With one press of the button, you can start recording and press the button again to complete the save. You should be aware that no sound is produced while you are recording. The storage space is an impressive 16 GB. Which means you can store videos, photos, and audio at the same time. This is compatible with your PC, Mac, or tablet.

Missed something in your class and forgot to write it down in your notes? Record it and watch it again so you can catch what you miss. This hidden camera pen comes with a mAh battery so you can be able to record for a long period of time.

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It can record up to two hours on a full charge. You can also add date and time stamps to it. It should also be noted that you would need to record up to five minutes per video and save it before making the next recording. This has a built-in digital video recorder. This also has the ability to record p video 30fps.

The video is in excellent quality and in high definition. The video format is in. Which means you can be able to view these videos in an application like the VLC video player. You can also play it on an app that can support avi videos.

Think someone's watching you? Track their hidden camera down

Finally, this comes with a 1-year warranty. This camera features a wide viewing angle of degrees. This can also be connected to your home wi-fi. The camera is so small, you can be able to hide it just about anywhere. At night, you can get clear shots from about 20 feet out with night vision. This also comes with a motion sensor that can detect any motion.

With one touch of a button, you can take up to three pictures at the same time. It can also record at a certain time or when it detects any type of motion. This shoots high quality videos in p with loop recording. You can also get detailed livestream video and pictures. You can even record all day long using loop recording and a microSD card.

It will record continuously until you switch it off. This is the perfect camera to have if you want something that is concealable and will give you clear, high quality videos and photos both day and night. This wireless camera is perhaps one of the best when it comes to monitoring your pets. Now, you can finally check on them from just about anywhere with this spy camera.

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One of the best features of this spy camera in particular is that is can work with devices like Google Home, Alexa, and even Fire TV. You can also be able to record videos in night vision from up to nearly 33 feet away. You can even share your live view of this camera with your family or friends using your Android or iPhone.

The number of people you share it with is unlimited. This camera comes equipped with a built-in high quality microphone speaker. Best of all, you can remotely talk and listen using the via app. Think of it like the Ring camera, but a very concealable version of it. Not to be outdone, you can remotely pan and tilt your camera using the app. When a motion or sound is detected, your camera will send you a push notification on your phone.

You will receive a snapshot of what triggered the motion and an alert if it detects a sound. You can even customize the motion and audio sensitivity. Not happy with the adjustments because you get alerts for the slightest bit of sound? Not a problem. Tired of getting motion alerts because of a fly buzzing past the camera?

You can make the motion sensor less sensitive. This wireless camera supports cloud storage and SD cards up to GB in space. It also supports the hot plug for your card. This camera in particular will give you a full degrees of left to right viewing. This camera has a PTZ lens that moves from left to right. So you get a much wider view than you would otherwise get from hidden spy cameras.

You can use the app on your smartphone to control the lens and rotate it in any direction you want. This has the ability to shoot p quality video. You can connect your camera via your router using your smartphone, iPad or tablet. You can use an SD card with storage space up to GB. It can even work without an SD card.

This camera supports circular recording. This means that if you have a full SD card, it can overwrite the previous videos.

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You will also receive alerts on your phone when your camera detects motion. You can automatically take pictures and video clips and store them on the app. It will also record videos and then store those files to your SD card. Also included is a 2-meter cable and a mAh large capacity battery.

If you want a better performance, you should connect your camera to a permanent power source.

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  • In fact, this wireless hidden spy camera is embedded in a picture frame. No wires, no mess, no problem. Plus, it makes the camera feature look inconspicuous. Think about it, a power cord to a picture frame? That said, you can hang this up on a wall or display it on a shelf or table.

    No one will know for sure it is camera. This also comes with a built-in clock. Those still exist, right? This camera is wi-fi enabled. This means you can remotely control the camera and stream real-time videos. You can even download recorded videos on your smartphone. You can also capture videos with the built-in night vision function. This is an easy to use camera that has a built-in motion detector. You can set up the wireless camera and the app that you can use on your phone. From there, you can stream videos. This also has a built-in advance infrared motion sensor alarm that will alert you when motion is detected.

    The camera will alert you by way of your smartphone. A 10 to 60 second video clip of the event will also be stored on your SD card. With the purchase of this camera, it also comes with a month warranty and lifetime customer support. Earlier, we mentioned the Blink XT as the best overall spy camera system on the market.

    First, this is a versatile spy cam.

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    This can be used either indoors or outdoors. If you want multiple cameras on a single Blink Sync module, you can use up to ten cameras at a time. So, you can place some outside and even inside. This camera has a built-in motion detector and will alert you when the camera picks up any kind of motion. Since the camera has built-in wi-fi, it will be able to send you an alert to your smartphone and and record a short video clip of the event. Once the recording is finished, it will be sent to your cloud storage. Did we also mention that the cloud storage is free?

    No monthly fees. No service contracts required. The Blink XT is battery operated. But the battery life is impressively long. These batteries are non-rechargeable AA 1.